THROWBACK THURSDAY: The channel no one watched

Four seasons and it’s still not solved. Back in February 2014, the world watched in utter boredom as SportsNet LA, known to anyone who cares as “The Dodgers Channel,” launched to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever. The channel, which was created to carry Los Angeles Dodgers games and little else, was initially only available to subscribers of Time Warner Cable, but since that company was absorbed by Charter, now Spectrum and Bright House customers can also see the channel.

The Dodgers have had several good years, but unfortunately DIRECTV and DISH customers have been locked out of seeing home games since 2014. This also means they lost the final year of hearing legendary broadcaster Vin Scully calling the plays for the Dodgers, a true loss for any baseball fan.

In the intervening years, there has been absolutely no movement in trying to get SportsNet LA on any of the country’s largest pay-TV services, meaning that about 85% of homes — including about 60% of people in the Dodgers’ service area — still can’t see Dodgers home games. What’s funny of course is that people don’t seem to care as much as you’d think they should… because Southern California is the “displaced fan” capital of the country. Still, it would be nice to root for the home team especially when they’re having such a great year.

Oh well, I guess there is always next year…

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