Who can install your cell booster?

Cell phone signal boosters. I talk a lot about them on this blog. It’s simple enough to understand why… I believe in them. Considering how important your phone is to you, and how much you need to be connected, why wouldn’t you have one? Modern homes are designed to block cell signals, not let them in. That’s why your reception inside is so poor. But, if you have even one bar outside you can get better reception inside by using a cell booster.

The installation argument

Ask people why they don’t have a cell booster and they’ll say one of two things. It’s either high cost or they don’t feel comfortable installing them. The high cost argument goes away pretty quickly with a little explanation. A cell phone signal booster costs about half of what a premium phone costs. It works with every cellular device in your home and it will probably outlast your next two phones. When people hear that, the cost argument goes away.

That leaves the installation argument. In order to install a cell phone properly, you need to put an antenna up on the roof. We recommend that the outside antenna be 15 feet above the level where you put the booster. You generally have to drill through the wall to get the cable inside, and then wire up the booster. Sometimes you will want to mount an antenna on the ceiling as well. If that sounds like just too much work for you, it’s going to make it hard for you to justify getting the booster.

The good news about installation

The good news here is that there are options. You can choose a booster designed for pro installation like our weBoost Installed | Home Complete. This booster is priced to include installation from a national installation provider. You get it in your home, call the number on the included card, and an installer comes and does everything. It’s one-stop shopping at its best.

But what if that’s not the right booster for you? You can still get professional installation from someone in your local area. There aren’t any licenses or certifications needed and most handyman types can do the work themselves. It’s up to you if you want to use a licensed and bonded contractor, or just a handy friend. You control the process.

Installation for most boosters is easy if you have the skills, and most boosters come with installation instructions in the package. Our YouTube channel has installation videos for a lot of boosters we sell at Solid Signal as well. Someone with a technical bent should have no problem doing the work based on the resources out there.

If drilling is an issue

A lot of times people will tell us that the biggest problem is drilling through the walls. Either they don’t want to do it, or they don’t have the tools to do it. Sometimes if you’re renting you won’t want to do this or maybe your landlord won’t let you. In a case like that you can use weBoost’s flat entry cable. You feed it through an open window, and then it’s so narrow that you can close the window back up with the cable in place. This makes it easy to finish the installation without worrying about drilling holes.

No excuses… get the cell booster you need

Now that you know that installation isn’t really a big deal, why not shop for a cell phone signal booster from Solid Signal? We have all the major brands and tons of free tech support if you need it. If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, give us a call at 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours! We’ll be happy to help you decide!

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