Why connect your DIRECTV DVR to the internet?

If your DIRECTV DVR isn’t connected to the internet, you’re losing a lot. A lot of folks don’t bother to connect a new receiver, and that’s a real shame. Here’s just a short list of what you can do if you connect your DVR to the internet:

Real, honest on demand programming
DIRECTV Cinema programming in the 100s is great, but it’s not true on demand. Waiting for a pay-per-view movie to start is really “so 20th century” and while you can pre-record those titles, you’re only getting access to about 30 movies that way. DIRECTV On Demand has about 10,000 titles, most completely free. You’ll get stuff from the major networks, special interest programming, even music videos. You’ll get all the same content you’ll find on HBO Go or Showtime Anytime, plus even more exclusive stuff! On Demand programming downloads through your internet connection, so without that connection, you don’t get access to it.

Start a program from the beginning, even if you come in late.
DIRECTV has a feature called “Restart.” If you see an arrow in the guide (see our exclusive review) you can rewind to the beginning of the program even if you come in almost at the end. It’s so easy to do, and it’s only available if you’re connected.

Watch a lot of programs you missed the night before.
With DIRECTV’s 72-hour rewind feature you can go to the on-demand page for many channels and look through a selection of programming that you missed from the last three days. It’s like having the ultimate DVR right at your fingertips.

Control your DVR from your phone.
How cool would it be to have a DIRECTV remote in your palm all the time? Ditch the physical remote and use the DIRECTV app for smartphones and tablets to control your DVR. It’s actually better than a physical remote because it includes a slow motion button. You’ll need to be at home with your DVR and device connected to the same wireless network.

The ultimate interactive scoreguide.
DIRECTV’s apps include weather and a scoreguide in full high-definition. It’s easy to get to, that is as long as you’re connected.

And just one more thing… why not use your Pandora playlists right from your DVR? It’s easy once you’re networked.

Getting networked is extremely easy. If you have an HR44 Genie DVR, you have built-in Wi-Fi and all you need to do is go into the Internet Setup menu within Settings. If you are using any other DVR it’s a little harder, but we have a step-by-step tutorial that takes you through everything you’ll need to know no matter what kind of receiver or DVR you have. Once you’re connected, it takes about 24 hours for all the good stuff to activate and then you’re in business!

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