Why Freelancers Need a Sim Only Deal

Freelancers’ work mode can be likened to the trending hybrid work model, which solely focuses on communication skills. They rely on their communication devices like smartphones to maintain communication with clients and prospective clients.

Freelancers are not allowed to stay incommunicado even for a few minutes; it’s a deal-breaker for many clients on most freelancing platforms. You can work from anywhere around the world, but you have to be available for discussions on projects.

How then do freelancers cope with 24/7 communication with clients without running out of internet connection? A tariff plan that provides steady data, you say?

Why Freelancers Need A Sim Only deal

Basically, a sim-only deal is a kind of deal where you only get the sim with an all-in-one bundle. This means freelancers who opt for this deal will get a limited number of call minutes, texts, and data. The limited number of calls, texts, and data will be for a particular duration, mostly 30 days before it expires, and freelancers can renew the same plan or go for a more suitable plan.

Sim only deal is a standard package for freelancers that love and trust their smartphone not to fail them in any aspect because it doesn’t involve getting a new phone, just a sim with tariff plans for calls, texts, and data. So, a sim-only deal is a perfect deal when freelancers want to get a data plan to bolster communication with their clients.


Apparently, freelancing is a popular career that is recognized all around the globe, and even some network providers provide support for them. Folks in the UK can get a sim-only deal package here. If you’re in the US, call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 for the best cellular rates. The network provider has freelancers, who have options of subscribing to flexible plans and other handy add-ons.

The flexible plan network providers give freelancers also extends to virtual landlines, and that can be answered anywhere around the world with 24/7 customer support in case the freelancer is experiencing any technical issue. This makes it easy to have secure cloud storage, and you can easily backup your data in case your device crashes.

You Can Choose Your Network Provider

One of the most annoying things is when you are experiencing a terrible network, and your friend who uses another network provider is having no issues accessing the internet. This births frustration and thoughts of changing to another network provider, which is almost impossible except you are on a sim-only deal.

Freelancers who are on a sim-only deal can skip any network providers that are not efficient because they are not tied to any network providers, and the contracts are usually short-term. This means freelancers can swap to other packages after their 30 days contract if the previous package isn’t worth it.

It Is Affordable

A lot of people are embracing freelancing careers, and as statistics show, freelancers keep increasing daily. This shows that some freelancers are just learning the baby steps in their career, and they also have to be available 24/7 for prospective clients. New freelancers that are not financially buoyant can also opt for a sim-only deal as it is the most inexpensive contract of all the options available.

The mobile phone contract involves getting a new phone which means you will be paying for a new smartphone which can cost around $200. A sim-only deal will be cheaper, and it offers more data options.

It Makes Freelancers Stick With Their Old Smartphones

Many freelancers bond with their smartphones more than with friends because it houses most of their work samples, data, and business contacts. So, getting another mobile phone deal means extra stress as they have to start transferring files and contacts to the new phone.

A sim-only deal only comes with a sim; the freelancer just needs to remove the old sim and insert the new sim, and that is all.


Freelancers keep increasing daily, and as study shows, by 2027, over 50 percent of the United States workforce will be freelancers. This means the need to stay active online for communication with clients will be inevitable, and as such, plans have to be made to make that possible.

Sim only contract, which gives freelancers various tariff plan options, is the way out because it is affordable even for the new freelancers and doesn’t tie them to any network provider.

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