Why upgrade to DIRECTV’s Genie?

DIRECTV’s Genie system has been “the default” for new users since 2012. Yet, in the past several years there have still been people who won’t upgrade. Some even double down, taking on more of the last generation equipment. Why should someone upgrade, and why is the Genie really the better choice for most people?

The case for “average joes”

DIRECTV’s latest Genie 2 system will feed 7 rooms at the same time, including two 4K receivers. The data I’ve heard is that roughly 99.5% of home users will get everything they need that way. Even the previous generation Genie DVR will feed four rooms at the same time and you can have up to 9 rooms wired. Most people will say, that’s enough for them.

For people who can fit within those limitations, the Genie system is a slam dunk. Here are just a few of the things a Genie can do that the previous generation couldn’t:

  • Wireless clients, no need to put cable in every room
  • Perfectly silent, tiny little boxes instead of huge receivers
  • DVR function in every single room, even pausing live TV
  • Lower energy costs overall
  • Easy wiring with fewer extra “black boxes”

Using a Genie is a more modern and reliable way to watch DIRECTV for almost everyone.

Who can’t benefit from a Genie?

There aren’t a lot of people who fit that category, but there are a few. The Genie is really a lot better for almost everyone but if one of these things applies to you, you’ve probably stated with last-generation stuff.

  • Need receivers to be more than 200′ from each other
  • You want more than 7 active video streams
  • You are in an RV or boat where you can’t have a large HD dish

Plus, if you’re a commercial customer, sorry, no Genie for you. It’s a strictly residential system.

What’s the alternative if you don’t want to “go Genie?”

DIRECTV is still making the H25 receiver. With an H25 you can have as many as you want — literally hundreds if you want to go that way. There’s also the HR24, the hit of the 2010 DIRECTV season, a dual tuner DVR.  You can have as many HR24s as you want. In both cases you can find ways to extend the signal much further than with a Genie.  You can put the HR24 on any dish, even one that’s 15 years old if you want. Of course if you’re a commercial customer, these are the devices you’re going to get, period.

Is there any way around the Genie’s limits?

When you upgrade to Genie, you have to accept some of AT&T’s limitations. With the older HR54 you can add H25 and HR24 receivers to the system if you want. With the newer Genie 2 all the other receivers in your system come out and it’s all Genie, all the way. It’s also worth mentioning that you can have only one Genie DVR in your home. There are a lot of technical reasons for that but the bottom line is for most people that’s enough.

How can I know if I can qualify for a Genie upgrade?

Actually, it’s easy. If you want to move up to the most modern hardware there is, all you need to do is call the experts at Solid Signal at 888-233-7563.

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