Will a chimney mount damage my chimney?

If you have a TV antenna on your roof, there’s a better than average chance it’s secured by a chimney mount. But is this common solution actually hurting your home? You’ll just have to read on to find out.

What is a chimney mount?

A chimney mount is a simple strap that goes around your chimney. It connects to a pair of metal brackets that then connect to a pole. That pole holds your antenna.

The benefits of the chimney mount/chimney strap system are pretty simple. You don’t have to drill holes and in theory you’re strapping your antenna to the strongest part of your home. I mean, whenever you see images of natural disasters you see homes completely destroyed except for the chimney. So strapping an antenna to the chimney seems like a pretty sound bet.

Not only that, the chimney is usually the tallest point in the house and that’s just where you want to put the antenna. A chimney mount also makes aiming easy because the mast the antenna’s connected to is set off from the chimney.

When I talked about this before…

I addressed this before in an article from 2019. At that time there were some ham radio operators out there saying never mount anything to your chimney. If you’ve ever seen a ham radio antenna you might understand why. Some of them are about 20 feet wide and they have to be heavy. But I didn’t buy their argument back then and I don’t buy it now. But, it spurred me on to talk to some contractors about it. Because, honestly, I’m not a construction guy. I’m a tech guy. So I’m going to listen to their opinions.

What the contractors say

The answer here is pretty cut and dried. Sure a chimney mount can damage a chimney. But, the chimney has to be weak to begin with. A strong chimney isn’t going to be hurt by a chimney mount no matter what you do. And if your chimney is so weak that a metal strap causes it to fail, then pretty much it’s already failed. A chimney that shows that level of weakness should be replaced.

I even had one contractor tell me that a chimney mount was a good idea because it would show damage to the chimney that wouldn’t otherwise be seen. I’m not sure I’d go all the way to that point but I can see what he’s saying.

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