Will a Wi-fi antenna do you any good?

Probably not. Recently, one of our Signal Group forum members said he was looking for a wi-fi antenna. That’s all well and good, but just putting up the antenna won’t do anything if it doesn’t connect to anything. Most routers today don’t have connections for an external antenna. If yours does, then you have plenty of options. However, if you don’t, you’re much better off with additional wireless access points and repeaters.

We suggest the Unifi series from Ubiquiti. These are ultra-long range indoor access points that connect by wire to your router or switch, and typically provide at least twice the wireless power to the extreme parts of your house. If that doesn’t cover it, then adding a second access point gives you even more coverage, and Ubiquiti’s robust browser-based configuration utility makes it very easy to manage them.

Another option is to add a wireless repeater like the ones we offer from Amped Wireless, Engenius, and other manufacturers. Wireless repeaters use strong antennas to pick up a distant signal and then rebroadcast it. They often perform more slowly than wireless access points since they are always repeating the signal back and forth. on the other hand they don’t require a wired connection in the room you are trying to cover.

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