WRONG TOOL/RIGHT TOOL: Mount a dish on your patio

WRONG TOOL: Bucket filled with concrete.

Image courtesy DIY Network

The most common way of stabilizing an antenna or satellite mast is a big bucket of concrete, right? Too often, you’ll see antennas or satellite dishes on a patio this way. It works, mostly, but there are problems.

First of all, even though the concrete is heavy it may not be heavy enough to deal with really stiff breezes. On the other hand, all the weight is concentrated in one space which could cause problems if the deck isn’t particularly strong.

Luckily, there’s a solution.

RIGHT TOOL:Non-penetrating mount

Solid Signal has a variety of non-penetrating mount optionsavailable. Non-penetrating mounts are designed to have a wide, flat base that accommodates cinder blocks. You place the cinder blocks on the base and it stabilizes the mast with a lot less weight, because it’s spread out over a larger area. Using a non-penetrating mount means less chance that you’ll bump the dish or antenna. It’s really a better deal.

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