YES YOU CAN: Build a wireless network over 8 miles long

OK, not everyone needs this… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool. Wireless, secure network communication between two points 15 kilometers apart. It’s not only possible, it’s easy using Ubiquiti’s Nanostation M5 adapters. Put one where your network is, put another one where you want the network coverage to be. It helps if they’re high up enough to see each other with out obstructions. Connect each M5 to the router at that location and using the simple Ubiquiti software, do some quick configuration. That’s all there is to it!

If you’re struggling to think about why you would need something like this, then the M5 probably isn’t for you. However, there are plenty of cases when you need to connect further than 50 feet and a wired connection isn’t really feasible. What about a large warehouse? You might not want to run a 1,000′ ethernet cable just for your security camera. If you outgrew your corporate offices and moved to a second building, a device like this lets everyone share your private resources without going to a VPN connection. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting internet service to an outbuilding on your property, like a garage or workshop. When you think about it there are a lot of opportunities to use something like this and it’s just up to you to realize how it can work for you.

How is this even possible? The M5 creates a wireless VPN between the two adapters, broadcasting on publicly available frequencies but encrypting the data so you remain totally safe. It’s not too different from cell phone technology except that you’re the only customer using your own personal cell tower. Now tell me that isn’t kind of neat!

This is just one of the innovative ways that Ubiquiti is using wireless technology. Their UAP line of access points makes it easy to add wireless service throughout an entire home with super-strong power and easy management. One wire to the access point is all it takes and since they come with ceiling mounts, they’re practically invisible. Ubiquiti has built their entire company on providing easy-to-use, affordable wireless products, and that’s what makes them the market leader.

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