CES2015 Wrapup

We’re all back at our desks now and there’s been plenty of time to absorb the impact of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. From the point of view of our Solid Signal fans, we saw the launch of weBoost and some very interesting product from DISH/Sling, but it really wasn’t that exciting of a show. There were a lot of copycat products and a lot — a lot — of desperate-sounding talk about 4K and curved TVs. These technologies are going nowhere fast and it’s a shame that manufacturers don’t realize it.

The show was bigger than ever and really in order to get the whole picture you had to travel to the two auxiliary locations. There was an emerging tech space at the Aria, which was a nightmare to get to, and a lot of the hot technologies migrated out to the Sands Expo Center which was a little easier to get to but really not much. The largest consumer electronics convention in the world is now too large for one venue, and that makes logistics extremely difficult. You really had to budget 1 hour travel time between venues which severely cut down on show floor time.

Where Chinese manufacturers had really threatened to dominate in past years, they seemed to almost back down a little, leaving the focus on the traditional Japanese and Korean manufacturers. The sad truth was there was very little to see at the really big “tentpole” booths either.

Next year’s CES will learn from the mistakes of this one so hopefully there will be more buzzworthy product there at CES 2016.

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