CES 2014: What’s the buzz?

The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show is coming January 7-10 and we’ll be there! Of course we’ll have our normal small reporting staff and we’ll be blogging our little brains out trying to match engadget’s two busloads of…

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2013: The year in smartphones

It was the year that wasn’t. 2013 turned out to be a mostly evolutionary year for handset manufacturers, while people’s tastes solidified with just a few major players. Let’s take a look back. The players on…

Highlights from DIRECTV’s Investor Day

DIRECTV’s Investor Day is going on now and we’re watching the live feed. We’ll be posting updates during the day that are being shown. Keep refreshing the page and we’ll post updates as we have them….

Transformer Tests

I’ve been telling people to try their antennas without the standard TV 300 Ohm to 75 Ohm transformer for years now. With the inclusion of the Digiair DTV Spectrum Analyzer in my bag of tools,…