Are you ready for a Smart TV?

“Computers are coming to the living room.” It seems to me that I’ve been hearing people talk about that for about fifteen years. I remember in the summer of 1998, visiting a Gateway retail store…

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CES 2010 Update: Friday

CES 2010 Update:  Friday January 8th.  Day 2 of CES we take a look at the Coby Snap HD camera, took a visit to the AMD booth and the ION booth.  Stay tuned for further…

CES 2010 Update: Tuesday

CES 2010 Update:  Tuesday January 5th.  We traveled from Detroit to Las Vegas.  Stay tuned for further CES updates! To purchase any of the products shown please go to

Daily Updates From CES 2010

Solid Signal TV will be providing daily updates from CES 2010.  Daily ‘Flip Cam’ updates will begin Tuesday, January 5th. To purchase any of the products shown please go to Now Offering Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 Accessories

Online retailer (sharing no relation to Solid Snake) has announced that they will be offering up gaming accessories to their line-up, including new peripherals for gaming consoles and hard-to-find, discontinued peripherals for gamers who can’t give…