7 Reasons to Get This LED Cabinet Light

Yes, it’s called under-cabinet lighting, but that’s not all it does. You can use it to bring warm, white light to your kitchen, bathroom, and much more!

You might be asking yourself if you need LED under-cabinet lighting. The real question is do you enjoy stumbling and fumbling around in the dark? Because that’s what you’ll probably do if you’re not using this LED cabinet light. Because let’s face it, places like your cabinets and cupboards can be dark, even if the rest of the room is well lit. You get this LED cabinet light to illuminate those dark spaces and places.

It’s Called Under-Cabinet Lighting…

…Because that’s the main use for this product. People hang these LED cabinet lights inside cabinets as well as closets and other places that are traditionally dark. The light’s name is misleading though. There are many other places you can use it. This includes: living rooms, kitchens, basements, garages, entryways, closets, storage spaces, trailers, pantries, boats, hallways, porches, sheds, and garages. You can even use it to shed some light under the hood of your car. And that’s just one of the advantages you’ll get. By now, you’re wondering what those other features and benefits are. Well, here are seven more reasons why this product is the best lighting for your home or business:

1. Warm, White Light

This product features five LED lights per strip, which means that it shines a lot of warm, white light despite its small size.

2. Compact Size

Speaking of size, each LED cabinet light is just 10.25” length by 1” width.

3. Motion-Activated for Your Convenience

These LED cabinet lights only turn on when you need them and turn themselves off after 30-seconds of no movement detected. This helps preserve battery life.

4. Not a Hardwired Light

That means you don’t have to be an electrician to put them up because there’s no wiring needed. These lights operate on three AAA batteries. (Not included.)

5. Sleek, White Color & Design

These lights will work with nearly any home décor. That won’t be an issue of you place them in your closet, cabinet, or other out-of-sight spots.

6. Quick and Easy Mounting

These LED cabinet lights come with built-in magnets that easily attach to metal surfaces. You can also mount them to non-metallic surfaces using screws or double-sided tape.

7. Affordable Two-Pack Option

Do you need more than just one light at your home or office? Solid Signal offers this product in an affordable two-pack.

Get This LED Cabinet Light from Solid Signal…

…Unless you prefer to struggle in the shadows. Because that’s what will happen if you don’t do anything about dark cupboards, cabinets, and other areas in your home. Come on! This isn’t rocket science. By now, you should be ready to light up your life with this powerful and convenient LED under-cabinet lighting. We have them here at Solid Signal and we’d be more than happy to ship them to you. If you have any questions, call us at 888-233-7563, or fill out this form.

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