AT&T opens up discounts for teachers, nurses, and doctors

Who says big companies don’t have a heart?

AT&T has always had first responder plans that offer a healthy discount to those people who keep us safe. They realize that safety comes in different forms, especially in 2020, and they’ve opened up their pocketbooks to thank teachers and health professionals as well.

Discounts available

According to cnetthe first responder discount is now open to pretty much any teacher or professor, any nurse, doctor, or physician’s assistant. It’s a pretty big discount too: 25% off unlimited plans and the discounts extend to the entire family. This is open to new and existing customers. That’s an amazing deal.

BLOODSUCKING LAWYER ALERT: I have to tell you, I mean I’m literally forced to tell you, that not everyone will qualify and that this offer exists in July, 2020 and may have been discontinued by the time you read this. So there. :p

AT&T wireless service is as good as it gets

AT&T’s cellular service blankets the country with fast internet and clear voice calls. The company is at the forefront of offering a full range of 5G services to markets throughout the country. The services and hardware selection continues to expand. When there are new 5G phones — including the anticipated iPhone 12 — AT&T will be the first to have them.

With AT&T, your data goes further than ever. In many cases you can stream DIRECTV, HBO, and AT&T content without accruing overages, and with the Unlimited plans you never have to worry about unexpected charges. Use the phone as you need to, whenever you need to. Peace of mind is something that’s pretty rare these days and AT&T offers it.

Get quality cell service from AT&T the smart way

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