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Solid Signal carries the commercial electronics products you need for your construction projects!

Commercial contractors work in a fast-paced and have a lot of moving parts. No one knows this better than you. Scouring the internet for the electronic devices you need is the last thing you have time for. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a single source for all the commercial electronics you need? Well, there is. That place is the Solid Signal website. Here we stock a huge selection of everything a commercial contractor needs. Let’s take a closer look at three of the many commercial electronic supplies in our online inventory.

Altelix Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure

You probably recognize this weatherproof NEMA enclosure. It’s for outdoor Wi-Fi, SCADA remote terminal units, and security system installations. These units protect that equipment from the elements and tampering. You can also use it to protect and conceal outdoor installations of indoor equipment. With all its advantages, we’re proud to stock it for commercial contractors.

Times Microwave LMR400 Cable Prep Kit

Of course we carry this cable prep kit and other installer tools! It comes with everything you need to install crimp connectors on LMR400 cables. We also include an easy-to-carry tool bag to help installers keep the kit together. This cable prep kit is a huge hit with installers and the commercial contractors who hire them. It’s just one of the many installer tools we carry. We like making it easy for you to get everything you need from the source you trust!

Panel Surge Protection from Transtector Systems

Commercial contractors and installers love this 120-240V surge protection unit. It’s one of several APEX IMAX units from Transtector Systems that we carry. We also have hundreds of other commercial-grade surge protection devices. Solid Signal carries everything else your project needs and the things you didn’t know you need.

What if you have a question about these products? Solid Signal is here to help you. If you know you need this or any other product we carry, just order it from our website. So, do you have any questions or need a product recommendation? Here’s the solution we recommend to commercial contractors…

Contact Solid Signal

Our reps will answer your questions. They’ll also give product recommendations. For example, what if the commercial electronics product you need is no longer made? We’ll point you to the best replacement. Just call 888-233-7563 during normal business hours in Eastern Standard Time. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. Someone will be in touch to discuss your commercial electronic supplies.

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