Big changes coming to AT&T TV

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Sources on the internet say that big changes are coming to AT&T TV, and they’re just what I want to hear.

Unlimited DVR

According to The StreamableAT&T TV customers on contract will automatically get access to a truly Unlimited DVR instead of the 500 hour DVR they previously enjoyed. It’s not clear if this will also mean an extension on any expiring recordings. Depending on your plan, your recordings may expire after 30 or 90 days under the current setup. The new unlimited plan does keep the 90 day expiration.

If you have a no-contract plan you can upgrade to Unlimited DVR for $10 a month. No-contract customers currently have 20 hours of DVR space.

Unlimited Streams (in the home)

They’re calling it Unlimited Streams. What it really means is that you can stream on up to 20 devices at the same time in the home, and you can use AT&T TV at three different locations at the same time. It looks like the other two locations would be limited to one device each. It’s also possible that if you’re using AT&T TV in multiple locations, you can only use it on one device in the home.

This is a big upgrade from the previous restrictions of two devices at once, period.

It’s not clear what “in the home” means. You have to figure that they’ll use some sort of geolocation to know where you are, and compare that to your billing address. But will this system be sophisticated enough to tell between multiple apartments in the same building? I’m sure it’s something they’ve thought about.

Along with the good…

Unfortunately there is some other news to report. If you are on a grandfathered AT&T TV NOW / DIRECTV NOW plan, your prices will go up. They’ll start coming close to matching the pricing of current AT&T TV plans. If you’re on an older plan, you may want to move forward with changing to a newer plan just so that you’re on the same page as everyone else. If you’re willing to take a 2-year commitment, you’ll also save quite a lot of money.

Is it a good substitute for DIRECTV?

There’s still a lot to like about DIRECTV Satellite service compared to AT&T TV. AT&T TV is a great option for those people on the go, especially if you don’t want to put a dish on your RV. But, there are still limitations. DIRECTV gives you truly unlimited recording space if you’re willing to add DVRs. There are also more channels and access to more sports packages. However, DIRECTV doesn’t allow streaming from its DVRs to the web anymore. If you’re more mobile than home-based, AT&T TV might be the right thing for you.

Can’t lose if you choose wisely

In the past five years or so, AT&T’s streaming product has just gotten better and better. I think it’s a good option for anyone who likes watching TV. Yes the price is a little higher than some, but you get the best selection of local and sports channels, plus a very capable, cable-like experience. On the other hand, satellite TV is a known commodity that works just the way you expect it to. It’s full of premium features and all the programming you want. If you’re looking to get into the world of pay-TV, whether it’s on satellite or streaming, call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563 and we’ll help you decide what’s right for you!

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