Business Internet: 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions

We’re the commercial internet experts, so you’ll naturally come to us with your questions.

Our Signal Connect division offers internet and Wi-Fi to businesses of all sizes. As such, business owners like you come to us with a lot of questions about this service. The Signal Connect team is happy to answer any questions you have, of course. Since they get these three questions the most, they thought a blog post that addressed them would be a good idea. I agreed, and here we are. Let’s jump into the three most frequently asked questions about commercial internet.

1. Is Business Internet Faster Than Residential Internet?

Yes, and there’s a good reason why. Business customers generally have the option to get “dedicated” plans where they are guaranteed to get a fixed speed. This is unlike residential plans, where the advertised speed might be considerably higher than what you get during peak hours. Costs are another thing to consider. The average company has more money to spend, so they tend to invest in the best Wi-Fi equipment. The result: better internet speeds throughout their property.

2. How Much is Business Internet?

It’s hard to quote a cost because every commercial installation is different. Think about it. If you own a convenience store, your needs will be much different from those of a medium-sized company with office and warehouse space. Signal Connect is happy to provide free quotes to business owners who are interested in getting connected. (More on that later!)

3. Who’s the Best Business Internet Service Provider?

That would be Signal Connect, of course! As an AT&T Preferred Dealer, we offer AT&T Dedicated Internet (ADI). This service is provided through ACC Business, which is a division of AT&T. It’s an amazing service and it’s brought to you by the experts at our Signal Connect division. That means you get free tech support and account management service from us for the life of your account.

Bonus Question: What Are Some Highlights of ADI?

This internet service is simply the best option for businesses because of what it has to offer. Here is what you can expect when you get are the highlights ADI from Signal Connect:

  • A dedicated and managed internet access,
  • Service that uses the AT&T IP Backbone (RFC2267-compliant),
  • And high-speed performance, of course.

All this and more are exactly what you need to keep your business connected!

Bonus Bonus Question: How Do I Work with Signal Connect?

That’s easy: you give them a call. And I’m going to make it easy for you by sending you straight to the top. Mike Kochenderfer is the sales manager for our Signal Connect division. In other words, he’s the person any business owners want as their first line of contact. Mike will set you up with one of our many talented reps. That person will answer ALL your questions, give you a free quote, and more. Just call Mike at 248-896-8601. You can also fill out the form below and send it to him. He’ll be in touch!

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