Buy Now, Pay Later with Affirm

Solid Signal has a new way for you to pay for the TV antennas, satellite dishes, and other consumer electronics equipment we offer. It’s called Affirm, and it offers people who want to defer their purchase payment into more manageable amounts. This gives more people just like you the means to purchase the things they want, even if they don’t have the full purchase amount up front.

Are you a hard-working professional who still finds yourself living paycheck to paycheck? If so, each day you probably have to put off yet another thing you’d like to buy but can’t afford. At Solid Signal, we understand that many Americans live like this, and we believe it’s not fair. You shouldn’t have to go without the things you want, or rack up credit card debt riddled with hidden fees to get those items. To help make our satellite dishes and other consumer electronics equipment easier to obtain, we’re now offering Affirm short-term financing. The company’s buy-now-pay later programs make it easier for you to enjoy the things you want today and pay later based on terms that work best for you.

What is Affirm?
Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products. The company offers real-time financing for online purchases. These purchases are paid off over three-, six-, or 12-month time periods, with interest rates ranging from 10-30 percent APR, depending on credit worthiness. Loans under 100 dollars are eligible for three- and six-month loans, and under 50 dollars Affirm offers a 30-day, no interest deferment.

Benefits of Using Affirm
There are many benefits to using Affirm to make your purchases with us. The biggest one is that Affirm lets you buy and receive your purchase right away, then pay for it over several months. Your payment option splits the price of your purchase into fixed payment amounts that fit your monthly budget. There are other benefits to using this service, including:

  •  You don’t need a credit card to make a purchase with Affirm. You make a loan agreement with Affirm, and then the company lends the money to Solid Signal directly on your behalf.
  • Before you make your purchase, you’ll see your terms, which show you just how much you’ll pay each month, the number of payments you’ll need to make, and the total amount of interest you’ll pay over the course of the loan.
  • Affirm has no additional charges or hidden fees.
  • Affirm’s application process is secure and in real-time. The company asks you for a few pieces of information. Within seconds, if you’re approved, the company notifies you of the loan amount, interest rate, and number of months you have to pay off the loan.
  • You never pay more than what is agreed to when you complete you confirm your loan.

How It Works
Using Affirm to make purchases from Solid Signal is easy. It all begins after you locate the TV antenna, satellite receiver, or other consumer electronic product you want on our website. You then follow this straightforward, five-point process:

1. Add your desired products to your shopping cart, and then choose Affirm as your payment method.


2. Affirm prompts you to enter your name, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number.


3. To ensure that you’re the person making the purchase, Affirm sends a text message to your cell phone with a unique authorization code.


4. You enter the authorization code into the application form. Within seconds, Affirm notifies you of the amount, interest rate, and payment schedule of the loan for which you’re approved. (You have the option to pay off your loan over three-, six-, or twelve-month periods.)


5. To accept Affirm’s financing offer, click “Confirm Loan,” then you’re done.

After your purchase, you’ll receive monthly email and SMS reminders directly from Affirm about your upcoming payments. You also can set up Autopay to avoid missing a payment. Your first monthly payment is due 30 days from the date that Solid Signal processes your order.

Get Approved Today!
Is there something in our catalog that you’ve been putting off buying? Why not see if you qualify to get it with Affirm? All you have to do is checkout using Affirm and follow the prompts. Affirm will ask you for your name, email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. The company uses this to verify your identity and make a real-time decision based upon credit worthiness. Here’s the best part: Affirm does what’s known as a “soft credit check,” which means it won’t affect your overall credit score!

Solid Signal Cares
As a working American in today’s economy, you’re working longer hours for less pay. You try to take advantage of every overtime opportunity that comes your way, if your company allows for it, and many of you also work second jobs to make ends meet. At the end of the day, this still leaves many of you tired and unable to get all the things you want. (Working men and women routinely make sacrifices for their families.) At Solid Signal, we want you to enjoy the many products we offer. We also want you to be able to afford these devices. Affirm can help you finally get that TV antenna, satellite dish, or other consumer electronics products you’ve been wanting.

Want to learn more about Affirm? Visit or call us at Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.