YES YOU CAN: Control 4 DIRECTV receivers with one remote

And the funny thing is, you always could.

If you’re looking to cut down on the number of remotes you use, you don’t need to buy a fancy universal remote or matrix switcher. You just need the trusty DIRECTV remote. You don’t even need the expensive one, just the old-school infrared model.

Each DIRECTV receiver can be programmed to respond to different codes using an easy programming method on the remote. That way, instead of four remotes, you just slide the switch at the top to a different position to control each TV. This works whether you have the old-school DIRECTV receivers or the new Genie ones, and if you have a Genie DVR you can still use the Genie Remote as well as the old-school one. They work together perfectly.

The key is putting in the right remote code, and setting the receiver to respond to it. Lucky for you, there’s a tutorial for that. It’s been around for a few years… like I said this is not new technology. It still works great, whether you’re in a sports bar or a man cave or anywhere else where multiple TVs are used. Don’t delay, get your downloadable copy now!

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