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The CATV equipment you need is right here in our well-stocked online inventory!

Your use CATV supplies on a daily basis. That means you need a reliable source for these products. You should make Solid Signal your source. We stock a huge variety of CATV equipment in our online inventory. It’s practically everything you need for most or all your installation jobs. We’ve been providing these tools and devices to installers for years. If this is your first time here, you should check out the ways Solid Signal can help you. Let’s start with this selection of our most popular CATV equipment…

Cabletronix Digital/Analog Signal Level Meter

This device has all the features you need. It takes carrier amplitude and measures the direct power of DVB signals. If you need a handheld signal level meter that offers many important measurements, this is it.

Klein Tools Adjustable Compression F-Connector Crimper

Why solder your cable connections when you can crimp them with this. If your current tool is a bit overused, replace it with this F-connector crimper. It’s also versatile. You can also use it for home theater, satellite TV, and security system installations.

Pico Digital Return Path Separator and Combiner

This device separates and isolates sub-band (5-42 MHz) from CATV/UHF/VHF (54-1000 MHz) signals. Do you want to deliver clean insertion into modulators and data translators? Then you need this return path separator and combiner.

PolyPhaser Lightning Arrestor for CATV/MATV Installations (IS-75F-C1)

This device guards your customers’ installations and facilities from lightning strikes. Give them the protection they deserve with this surge protector for CATV/MATV installations.

Pico Digital CATV Drop Bi-Directional Amplifier (CDA1A)

Your customers can get a lot of use out of this one. It boosts your signal for cable TV, cable internet, and over-the-air broadcasts. Get this commercial-grade CATV drop amplifier for the best customer reception and more.

IT Facilities Managers Take Note!

Many of you need this CATV equipment too. We fill orders for large business facilities with cable TV installations. They need these electronics products, and they know that Solid Signal is the place to get them. If you stumbled onto The Solid Signal Blog for the first time, we’d like to welcome you. We’d also like to say that we’re happy to help you with your CATV supply needs.

Trust Solid Signal for Your CATV Equipment

We know that most of you will click the links to the products that you need and order them from us. Some of you might have some questions, though. We’re happy to tell you that the customer service team at Solid Signal is here to help. Give them a call at 888-233-7563 during our business hours in Eastern Daylight Time. They’ll happily provide the tech support and product recommendations you need. If you’re reading this after hours, fill out the form below and send it to us. Someone will be in touch to discuss CATV products.

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