BACK TO BASICS: Grounding Block

Whether it’s an antenna or anything else metal on your roof, it simply needs to be grounded. Grounding is a simple procedure where you run a wire from the antenna or dish to a ground source. This can be a rod placed in the ground or more often, a cold water pipe.

Solid Signal has a wide variety of parts designed for grounding. The quad grounding block shown above is designed for a Slimline (non-SWM) dish to easily attach to a ground source using the cables themselves as the connection. This should be standard procedure for all installations. Using the proper parts for grounding is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to protect your home. It’s even a good idea to take pictures of your handiwork and keep them in case there is some sort of calamity and you need to prove that it wasn’t your installation that caused the problem.

Everything with a wire leading into the house should be grounded. This means your antenna, your cell booster, your dish, Anything. If it’s made of copper or has a copper wire it needs grounding. If you’re not familiar with grounding at all, our Solid Signal staff has put together A Guide to Grounding available online and in PDF form. This will help you check for proper grounding and if necessary add the proper grounding to your devices.

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