CEDIA Day 1 Report

It’s show day here at CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis. I’ve been busy, and as usual hotel internet speeds aren’t going to be much help, but I thought I’d share some of the highlights.

Fresh off the IFA show floor, Sony showed its 84″ direct view 4K TV. The level of detail is just phenomenal, but I have to say 84″ isn’t really enough to see the real difference. There was a demo showing a projector with an image easily twice that size and even there the difference was hard to see.

DIRECTV gave an early beta showing of its Commercial App for iPad. I’m a big fan of the residential app and I can’t wait to see this one come out some time next year. It acts a lot like the regular iPad app but lets you group receivers.

The new C31 box had its coming out party here at CEDIA Expo, and we also got to see the rumored composite dongle and wall mount. No word on when these will go on sale.

Wi3 were there with their WiPNet MoCA-enabled wi-fi hot spot. This one only works with cable or over the air, but they continue to promise there will be a DIRECTV-compatible version that will provide better performance than a DECA over long runs.

Our friends at Darbee had a booth full of Darblets in demo mode, so you could really see the difference their little box makes.

Last but not least, TiVo had the Stream out along with its TiVo Premiere 4 DVR. This new box has a lot of potential… it streams to iOS devices in the home and lets you transcode your content and take it with you.

Keep tuned to The Solid Signal Blog for more in the coming days, as I return to the land of reasonably speedy internet!

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