How can I guarantee that I’ll get equipment with the new DIRECTV logo?

Of course you want the latest and greatest stuff. That’s why you shop at Solid Signal. And when you’re talking about DIRECTV equipment, it’s all got that new AT&T logo.

So if you want the latest and greatest here’s what you need to know:

Right now only the HR54 Genie has the AT&T logo, and not all the stock coming into our warehouses has it. Of course all the equipment is the same, some has just sat at a distribution point for longer.

The HR44 Genie, HR24 DVR, and H24 and H25 receivers all come only with the old logo. The HR44 Genie and H25 receiver are still being made but there hasn’t been a production change to brand them with the new logo. Unfortunately, the HR24 hasn’t been made in a few years and I believe the last H24s were actually made about 2013. That means anything coming through now is refurbished. Unfortunately neither DISH nor DIRECTV make any distinction between a “new” and a “refurbished” receiver anymore. This is due to the high level of reliability of the equipment and the fact that people do return them when they upgrade or go to a different provider, when there’s still plenty of life in them.

Dishes and other “premises” equipment:
At this point, all Slimline dishes are coming with the new logo, but SWM-8 and SWM16 equipment is in the process of being replaced with the new DSWM30. The new multiswitch has the new logo; the older ones don’t and never will. Other equipment like splitters, amps and such are getting the new logo slowly as current stocks are exhausted.

The traditional “white” remote that came with older receivers is still going to have the old logo, probably forever depending on how long stocks last. The Genie remotes are starting to come with the new globe logo, although some older stock is still out there.

Essentially, if you want something with a new logo, and if it’s being made with a new logo, Solid Signal can get you there. The way to get it done is to place your order by phone. Our phone reps can work with our warehouse staff to earmark something for you. That’s the advantage of working with Solid Signal.

So, if that logo is important to you, give us a call at 888-233-7563 and we’ll help you get the equipment you want!

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