Celebrate National Safety Month with Us!

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? That’s right! The National Safety Council has made this month the time it uses to inspire people to be safe and avoid workplace injuries. Workplace safety should be important to you no matter where you work. At Solid Signal, we’re all about practicing good occupational health and safety practices. In honor of National Safety Month, we’d like to share a few things with you. Whether you work in construction or have a “cushy” office job, these tips should help you stay safe on the job…

… But First, a Cautionary Tale

This one is about the time I hurt myself at work. Looking back on it, it was all my fault. I forgot to save a document I’d been working on and, as a result, lost it forever. I was so frustrated with my own foolishness that I rapped my knuckles hard across the tabletop. How I could have missed the huge flat table is beyond me. All I know so is the edge of my knuckle smashed into the sharp edge of the desk. The pain was intense and throbbing but it eventually subsided.

A day after I cracked my knuckle, the area beside my knuckle swelled up into a hardened knot. After walking around with that strange protrusion for weeks, I finally went to the doctor. He injected the injury with an anti-inflammatory medicine and the swelling reduced a bit. The swelling came back about a week later. This means I’ll have to go back to the doctor to have the area drained with a hypodermic needle. That’s what I get for foolishly slamming my knuckles on the edge of the desk!

Four Ways to Avoid Injury at Work

I don’t want anyone to get hurt on the job or anywhere else. So, my first bit of advice is: don’t let your emotions get the better of you and slam your fist into your desk. While that’s helpful, workers need more detailed and helpful advice about workplace safety. In the spirit of National Safety Month, I’m sharing these four occupational health and safety tips. I recommend you follow them because they’re designed to help you stay safe on the job, whatever that might be:

1. Stay Alert at Work

Accidents happen when you’re not paying attention on the job. Whether you’re operating heavy machinery or just walking with coffee, you’re a danger to yourself and others if you’re not alert. Be mindful of yourself and your surroundings, both at your desk and around your workplace. One of the biggest ways to avoid distractions is to quit walking around with your face in your cell phone. That call or text can wait until you’re somewhere safe where you focus on your call.

2. Keep Cool and Hydrated

Granted, this advice is geared toward outdoor workers, such as the many satellite TV installers we work with. Summer is almost here and the days are getting hotter and longer. It’s easy to get heatstroke, sunburned, and/or exhausted out there. To avoid this, take breaks in the shade and drink plenty of water. (Other beverages, especially the ones with caffeine, will dehydrate you.) You should also stay cool with clothes made from light, breathable fibers. Oh, and just so you know, light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it.

3. Follow Your Company’s Safety Rules

Every employer has (or should have) a set of general safety procedures. Whether it’s wearing protective equipment or lifting with your legs (not with your back), these guidelines help you stay safe on the job. You need to follow them every day. And if you have a coworker who’s ignoring these rules, remind them why they are important. Remember, these folks aren’t just endangering themselves; everyone is at risk whenever someone doesn’t follow safety protocols. Note: This advice also includes paying attention during your company’s mandatory safety training meetings!

4. Safety Training and Retraining

Are you a manager or supervisor? If so, it might be your job to make sure new employees get safety training. Just remember that the newbies aren’t the only ones who need this. It’s good to re-train long-term staff on the basics of workplace safety. After a few years on the job, most people might forget what they learned when they first hired on. It’s easy to do when most people focus so much on their immediate job duties. Regular refresher courses on occupational health and safety help keep everyone up to speed.

Happy National Safety Month!

We hope these workplace safety advice helps inspire you stay safe on the job. The tips we shared here are general and not meant to take the place of your employer’s more comprehensive occupational health and safety program. Yes, I hurt myself at work, but I was lucky that it was only a bump to my knuckle. It could have been a lot worse, and I’m really glad that it wasn’t. In honor of National Safety Month, do your part to stay safe at work.

Speaking of National Safety Month…

… We have to mention first responders. Every day, these folks put their health and safety on the line to save other people’s lives in emergency situations. They’re also are the first to help when we’ve been injured while not being safe ourselves. That’s why we believe that first aid responders deserve to be honored during National Safety Month and every other month of every year.

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