Signal Boosters for First Responders

Why would emergency workers need cell phone boosters? To stay connected at the base and in the field, of course. First responders rely on communications between headquarters and all the first aid responders on scene. Poor cell phone communication in your coverage area could mean the difference between life and death. Cellular signal boosters at the base and in emergency vehicles helps reduce or eliminate dropped calls and missed data. When lives are at stake, that’s the kind of back up you need!

Signal Boosters at Headquarters

Every community first responder operation needs flawless communication at the command center. When emergencies happen, the person running communications has to field a lot of cell phone calls and many first aid responders communicate with cell phones. If your base is located in the city, tall buildings, trees, and other obstructions could hinder signal. So can some of the construction materials used to build the base, such as metal, fiberglass insulation, and weatherproof windows. Be safe with a signal booster, aka a cell phone amplifier, to maintain communications between headquarters and emergency crews on scene and in route.

Signal Boosters for First Responder Vehicles

Cell boosters are a necessity for all emergency response vehicles. If you are a member of a police or fire departments, paramedic, or emergency medical response (EMS) crew, you respond to calls all over the county. This can take you into remote areas that don’t offer the best cell reception. A portable cellular signal booster in your vehicles improves your team’s connection and reduces lost calls and missed data.

Note: A cell booster doesn’t turn your vehicle into a mobile cell site or restore service to areas with no service. What it does is help first responders make and receive calls inside or near the boosted emergency vehicles. Anyone who’s ever handled a call in a remote area with poor reception will know that there’s plenty of value in that.

First Responders, Get Your Cell Phone Boosters!

Signal Connect carries the best cell boosters from weBoost, and Wilson. Our team can confidently recommend the best cell booster for your headquarters and vehicles. We also offer promotions for qualified first responder organizations. These deals are so good, we can’t tell you about them here. If you’d like to know just how much you can save with Solid Signal, give us a call at 248-277-4015. You can also fill out the online form below and a member of our team will contact you within one business day or less.

Speaking of First Responder Discounts…

… We offer deals on cell phones, wireless plans, and DIRECTV and DISH subscriptions. If your department and/or individual members need new accounts, lines of service, or device upgrades, we can help. Everyone at Solid Signal knows that first aid responders make huge sacrifices to help save lives. We respect and appreciate everything you do, and these discounts are one way that we say “thank you.” We encourage your department and team members to take advantage of the discounts and packages we have to offer emergency workers.

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