CES 2013: Day 1 Wrapup

What a day it’s been! I know the big guys have the show covered with their huge studios and trailers and dedicated internet connections, but I’m going to give you the stuff they won’t show you, the stuff that really interests you!

Today we spent a lot of time in the South Hall. We were immediately greeted by our friends at WNC, makers of LNBs and other satellite parts. There were here to show their network equipment, but they had quite a bit of familiar equipment as well.

One of the busiest booths belonged to our friends at Wilson, who were busy talking about their multi-band 4G/LTE Sleek booster. There’s a lot of interest in a booster that handles almost any cell phone out there. It looks like you’ll have to flip a switch to go between AT&T and Verizon LTE, but other than that it seems like the easiest choice for an in-car booster that you’ll be likely to find.

One of the most interesting booths belonged to Sensus, who have a mobile phone case with a touch surface on the back. It’s hard to know how this is going to be implemented but it’s a very interesting idea. The case seems as durable as any other case and gives you another whole surface to play with. Flash in the pan? Maybe, or it could be the next big thing.

Speaking of the next big thing, your Solid Signal crew had a private meeting with the folks from DarbeeVision. They showed us all the new stuff, including the new Cobalt. Look for a long story about them tomorrow.

No walk around would be complete without seeing Samsung’s giant TV. This thing is just incredibly huge! It’s incomprehensible. I mean, this is a full-size person standing in front of it. It is seriously 8 feet wide, and with full 4K resolution you really feel like you’re looking out a window. It is like the first impression you had of HD those many years ago.

Finally, we got another look at DIRECTV’s new HR44… more pictures and exclusive first impressions are coming shortly!

Tomorrow we’ll head through the main hall and give you the latest on all the major manufacturers.

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