CES 2013: DIRECTV shows HR44 DVR

We weren’t expecting it. DIRECTV has had a very small footprint at CES in previous years. Not since 2006 have they had any significant show floor presence. However, tucked into a corner of the show floor, we found this, the new HR44 DVR from DIRECTV.

The HR44 doesn’t bring any new features to the table compared to the HR34 Genie, but it is A LOT smaller. It’s actually just a little larger than an H24. That’s right. just a little bit larger than an HD non-DVR!

It’s also faster — there’s a noticeable snappiness to the user interface that’s never been present in the HR34. The same collection of outputs are there, making it easy to swap out an older HR21 or earlier DVR.

Looking for a new feature? The HR44 has built-in wireless, and we were told it’s dual-band meaning that you can connect using the faster 5GHz band. This takes the place of a separate Cinema Connection kit, making installations faster and easier.

We will be preparing a detailed review soon including hands-on impressions and a video showing the faster user interface!

Photo courtesy of engadget, because ours didn’t turn out so well.

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