CES 2013: DISH booth tour

We were granted exclusive access to the DISH booth and we’re happy to share it all with you! DISH unveiled its Hopper with Sling at the show, which is still a little while away, but its DISH Explorer app and restyled DISH Anywhere service is available now!

DISH Anywhere is the new name for DISHnet and is your portal for everything online. It’s been restyled and improved for better speed and ease of use. It’s a great starting place. You can check out the portal here: Dish Anywhere

Our rep talked up the new DISHnet service which gives affordable satellite internet, as well as Hughesnet which is the new standard for high-speed service anywhere. No one has more satellite internet options than DISH. (When asked if the booth was using DISHnet, they pointed out that the Las Vegas Convention Center has its own robust terrestrial internet.)

We got a look at the new DISH Explorer iPad app and it brings a lot of function that was not available for DISH subscribers before. In addition to acting like a super-remote, search and scheduling app, it also has extensive integration with popular social networks and lets you see the demographic information of people who are watching along with you. It turns TV watching into a global party!

Finally, DISH had the tailgater on display in a unique transparent case. It was neat to see, but of course we had disassembled one last year and did an exclusive video.

2013 looks like a great year for DISH and we’re glad to be along for the ride!

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