Looking for a place to watch the game? Check out DIRECTV’s Sports Bar Finder app!

Spoiler alert: It’s free. If you’re looking for a place to settle in for the afternoon and enjoy some sports, for those days when the man-cave just doesn’t cut it, how about checking out DIRECTV’s Sports Bar Finder app? It’s free at the App Store and Google Play, and you’ll get instant locations and directions of every sports bar in your area with DIRECTV! (And what kind of sports bar would it be without DIRECTV?)

This is a total no-brainer, why wonder if a new watering hole will be able to show the game… just find out before leaving the house! There are over 80,000 bars and restaurants listed, and you can even filter by the sports you’re interested in to make sure that game will be available when you get there.

What about you sports bar owners? Have you checked to make sure you’re listed on the app? Chances are you are, but why not download the app to make sure, and while you’re there check out the competition! It might be worth a few minutes so you know whether or not you need to up your game.

Download the app from The App Store or Google Play now!