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Everyone would love to have a massive switching system for a super-fancy home theater system. Reality is something a little different. Sometimes you need a simple way to make the components you have work. That’s the case with our Tech Choice 3×1 HDMI Switch with 4K Support and Remote Control. You can connect a total of three components, even 4K-capable ones, to a single input on your TV, and even gives you a remote control to help you switch.

This is absolutely critical since televisions today have fewer inputs than they used to. Back when TVs cost $2,000 or more, they were absolutely laden with inputs — not only HDMI, but component, composite… everything. Cutting costs meant that something had to go, and often times that something was multiple inputs and ports. After all, people buy TVs because of how they look in the store, not the number of little holes in the back.

With the switch connected, you have the option of adding additional components anytime, whether they are streaming sticks, media players, or gaming devices.

You can even place the switch in front of the TV which can solve a whole bunch of problems. Putting a streaming stick behind the TV can seriously cut Wi-Fi performance, and if you’ve mounted your TV to the wall it can be very hard to get to the connection point. Putting something like this switch in front of the TV makes it easier to connect something temporarily, and as home theater enthusiasts we tend to do this all the time.

Best of all, this switch is future-proof. It’s compatible with 4K signals as well as today’s HD signals (and yesterday’s 3D signals.) You won’t feel the need to replace it next week as you might have with other products in the past.

Take a serious look at this HDMI switch now at Solid Signal!

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