COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS: Are you still having problems with power saving on DIRECTV boxes?

Reaching out to our friends in bars, restaurants, offices and shops out there. Does your DIRECTV hardware turn off after 4 hours automatically? I was aware of this being a problem about five years ago, but as far as I and the folks at DIRECTV are concerned, the problem was fixed long ago. Yet, I’ve received credible reports once again that people with commercial receivers are experiencing this problem.

What makes this particularly frustrating is that the power saving menu isn’t actually there if you have a commercial account. If you are having problems with power saving mode, there isn’t an easy way to fix it.

So, I’m reaching out to find out how widespread this is, or if it’s just limited to a very small number of people. Leave a comment below if you have a commercial DIRECTV system and you still experience issues with power saving mode.

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Stuart Sweet
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