Can Commercial customers schedule recordings remotely?

Most commercial accounts don’t include DVR service. There are some bizarre rules to public viewing accounts, and one of them is the idea that you can’t use a DVR. However, private viewing accounts are a little different. If you’re in an office, warehouse, or anywhere the public isn’t, a DVR is allowed. But what about scheduling recordings?

With residential customers, DIRECTV’s app for mobile devices or their web site can be used to schedule recordings, but commercial accounts do not have that function. The DIRECTV app will take a record request but it won’t get to the DVR and won’t give you an error message. While that’s not incredibly customer-friendly, at least you know ahead of time.

So what can you do if you want to schedule something remotely? The Sling Media SB260-100 SLINGBOXSOLO (SB260-100) REFURBISHED from Solid Signal is the perfect tool for this. It’s the last-generation Slingbox at a special price and it will let you access your DVR remotely just as if you were there. Just connect it to the DVR and to a network connection and you’ll be all set!