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The Signal Connect team recently attended The Detroit RV & Camping Show. From opening day to the show’s last day on February 9, the Signal Connect booth was a flurry of activity. RV owners stopped by to ask about satellite TV and cell phone booster systems for their motorhomes and campers. The owners and managers from several RV parks paid booth #58 a visit too. They were in search of different connectivity solutions. Fortunately, Signal Connect had the answers these people needed! The event was held February 5-9 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan.

Entertainment for RV Owners

As more attendees stopped by the Signal Connect booth, it became clear what they needed. In the case of RV owners, it’s usually one of two things depending on their demographic. “Some RV owners want to be able to stream their favorite shows while they’re away from home,” said Mike Kochenderfer, Signal Connect Sales Manager. “Other RV owners are looking for a more traditional TV experience.”

Signal Connect had a solution for both types. That’s probably why the booth was so busy. “For those who want to stream in their RVs, we suggest getting a cell phone booster inside their RV,” Mike explained. “For example, these devices can let three or more people stream Netflix on different devices at the same time.” A cell booster in an RV also improves cellular connectivity for phone calls, which is why every RV owner should have one, Mike added.

What about those craving a more traditional TV experience in their homes on wheels? You know, something they’re more familiar with. “Satellite TV is exactly what they’re looking for!” Mike said. Fortunately, Signal Connect is a satellite TV dealer and a cell phone booster expert, so our team has a solution for those RV owners who visited the booth.

Satellite TV Equipment, Too!

It’s a good thing Signal Connect offers a huge variety of satellite TV equipment. The team’s used this experience to inform RV owner Linda Vendittelli of St. Clair Shores, MI. She used to have satellite TV in her motorhome but decided to get rid of it. “I loved it, but I didn’t like losing signal in the winter,” she explained. Unfortunately, Linda’s previous satellite TV dealer wasn’t aware that there’s an easy way to get rid of ice and snow build-up on dishes.

At the Signal Connect booth, Ryan McDonnell (National Account Sales) told her about satellite dish heaters. These metallic devices go on the dish itself. As the metal warms, it melts any ice and snow that’s gathered on the dish. What the owners get is a clean, clear signal for all their favorite shows. “I told Linda about the satellite dish heating kits we carry and she’s thinking about getting satellite TV again,” Ryan explained.

What About RV Park Owners?

RV park managers and owners need solutions to connections issues at their campgrounds. Remember, many of these places are remote, and that means TV and internet options can be limited at best. Once again, the Signal Connect booth was the place to find the answers! “We were glad we got to talk to so many RV park managers,” Mike explained. “Some of them want satellite TV distributed throughout the campsite, which is one of our specialties.”

But what about the campgrounds that desperately need an internet solution for their guests? Mike and the Signal Connect team were on hand with a solution to that dilemma as well. “RV parks are a getaway from connectivity for many guests but they still need to check phone calls, messages, and texts,” he explained. “This is why Wi-Fi connectivity is so important.” Signal Connect offers a variety of Wi-Fi solutions for RV parks because our team:

  1. Works with a number of Internet carriers.
  2. Is able to serve virtually anywhere in the US.

Signal Connect can do anything from the simple to the complex. “On the simple side, we can set up main offices and facilities with service,” Mike said. “On the complex side, we can create a Wi-Fi bubble around the perimeter of the park for guests.” In other cases, the Signal Connect team has established a dedicated fiber run that delivers internet to the entire property. “When we say we provide customized solutions for each client, we mean it!” Mike added.


Thank You, MARVAC!

The Novi expo is one of many shows hosted by the Michigan RV & Campgrounds, or MARVAC. These events are one of many ways MARVAC seeks to encourage public awareness and growth in the recreational vehicle and private campground industries in Michigan. “MARVAC did a great job with this event, just like they always do!” said Mike Kochenderfer. “It really is the premier show for RV enthusiasts in and around southeast Michigan, and we loved being a part of it.”

RV Owners, Don’t Wait Another Year!

The MARVAC show is over but there are still plenty of chances to talk to Signal Connect. Whether you’re an RV owner or manage an RV park, our team can help you. They understand your connection needs. Signal Connect also knows that you need a customized solution to address them. In fact, our team has already provided solutions to RV owners and RV parks across the country. You can reach our team at 888-233-7563, or fill out the form below and send it to us.

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