DIRECTV adds another HD Channel

HD Completists rejoice… DIRECTV has added Aspire TV to its lineup! The channel is also available for U-Verse customers as well, and you should expect from now on that whenever you see a channel add on one service you’ll see it on the other.

According to its website, Aspire is a channel that celebrates the African-American experience, owned by Magic Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a well-known businessman in Los Angeles as well as a nationally-recognized former basketball player. A quick look at Aspire’s lineup shows that there’s a little something there for everyone, and you don’t have to consider yourself African-American to enjoy it.

Once again, DIRECTV delivers a variety of channels that enhance the experience for everyone while keeping the budget under control. We can all argue for channels we’d like to see, but the clear truth is that DIRECTV and AT&T are more than happy to add channels from companies that act reasonably. When you look at just a few sports and lifestyle channels that aren’t carried, the issue is almost always price. The marketing gurus at DIRECTV simply make it clear that there’s not enough demand for a particular channel to justify the massive price tag. And yeah, that means there are a few channels with really vocal supporters that aren’t carried, but what that tells you is that the price is just really, really high.

Aspire TV may not end up being for you, but give it a try. It’s on channel 381 for DIRECTV and channel 1158 on AT&T U-Verse.

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