DIRECTV covers the 2016 Open at Royal Troon

OK, cards on the table, I’m not a golf fan and I don’t even know for sure what a “Troon” is. But hey, if golf is your thing, you’ll love DIRECTV’s coverage of the 2016 British Open at Royal Troon, starting today. They’re going all out with a mix channel, live scorecard, and interactive experience. You’ll find it all on channels 701-705.

This is part of DIRECTV’s full-time commitment to sports. There are a lot of providers who can bring you baseball or soccer, and let’s be honest you can get ESPN pretty much anywhere, but if you’re a hardcore sports fan or even if you just have a very specific sport that you follow, you won’t find a better place than DIRECTV to indulge your sports obsession. No one else comes up with the sheer amount of interactive content and no one else brings you as much 4K sports. In fact, no one else brings you any 4K sports. Now, you won’t find 4K at Royal Troon, not this year anyway, but you will find 4K sports every week from DIRECTV and only from DIRECTV.

No matter what sport you follow, you’ll love DIRECTV’s mix channels. Watch 6 events at once and switch audio easily. Looking for a full-screen view of just one event? Easy to do. Press {SELECT} on any of the highlighted feeds and you’ll go there instantly. And with DIRECTV Genie, you can record 5 events at once so you can easily keep track of all the action.

It’s a great time to be a sports fan, even if you’re not a golf fan. But, if you are a golf fan, it’s an even better time.

The 2016 Open airs on DIRECTV starting today and continuing until July 17.

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