Can you offer satellite TV to an entire RV park with one dish?

If you own or operate an RV park you’re probably aware that satellite TV can be difficult. Attaching a satellite dish to an RV isn’t possible, since they shake and move too much. Dishes can be anchored in concrete or to other sorts of mounts, but they can be unsightly and sometimes it’s hard to get the dishes placed where they can see the sky. What’s the answer?

Our team at Signal Connect, our commercial sales arm, can show you how one dish can supply satellite TV to every single RV. As the owner of the park we can show you how you can supply your tenants with satellite TV service easily and profitably. We have programs that are designed for situations like yours and we have the experienced installation team ready to make it easy for you.

If you’re tired of complaints from tenants or poorly placed dishes, this is a great solution that will make everyone happier to live together in close quarters. Innovative DIRECTV technology lets you supply each RV with a single receiver, a DVR, or whatever they need and the system can scale to go as large as you need it to be. Of course there are a few things you’ll need, such as a reliable power source, a location for the dish, and the ability to safely and securely wire those RVs. Many times wires can be run underground through existing utility conduits, making for a clean installation.

If this all sounds too good to be true, give Signal Connect a call at 877.726.4182 now! If it’s after office hours, check out our web site at for more contact options. You could be making your first step toward a whole world of entertainment for your tenants!

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