DIRECTV “H50” receiver on the horizon?

This rumor pops up now and again… someone on a user forum says that there’s a new DIRECTV receiver coming to replace the venerable H24 and H25. The H24 debuted in 2009 and is DIRECTV’s only “non-SWM’ receiver meaning it can be used with older dishes in place of standard definition equipment. The H25 came to us in late 2010 and brought a smaller size, simplified set of electronics, and better energy usage. While the H24 is no longer made, it’s still being offered, meaning that all units in use are going to be refurbished. The H25 is still being made in limited numbers but since demand for it is dropping the refurbished units are still quite common.

So, you hear now and again that there will be a new receiver to replace these older ones, and lately the number “H50” has been mentioned once or twice. No one seems to have any details other than the assumption that it will be smaller and faster than its much older siblings.

I’m sad to say that as far as I know, there’s no truth to this rumor. There are plenty of H24s and H25s in the pipeline and since all new customers are getting Genies unless there are more than 7 rooms in use, there just isn’t any reason to have a whole new receiver engineered and manufactured. It doesn’t make sense.

I also occasionally see rumors that DIRECTV is developing a standalone 4K receiver but again this doesn’t make a lot of sense considering that you can get and HR54 Genie with a C61K client inexpensively if you upgrade. It’s true that this is a “2-box” solution but since most people with satellite TV have more than one room that isn’t seen as a problem.

Mostly the people who start these rumors are the kind of people who think that there’s some sort of pride associated with having only the latest and newest possible devices. Sure that may be true with the stuff you have at home, but for a multibillion dollar company like AT&T, it just doesn’t make sense to re-engineer something that works very well just for the sake of pride.

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