Will a TV in the office distract your workers?

At Solid Signal HQ, it won’t surprise you to know that there are several TVs on during the day. After all, we’re one of the country’s largest DIRECTV dealers. You might be considering a TV in your office too, to keep your employees informed, to make lunchtime more entertaining, and to keep your business internet connection from being clogged with streaming video requests from employees.

But, you might worry that your employees will zone out on TV instead of getting their work done.

If you’ve hired the right people, they’re probably going to be able to handle the “distraction” of a TV pretty well. After all, offices are full of distractions. Most employees are able to handle them. There are ringing phones, annoying coworkers, meetings, odd requests… a television is just part of the package. If you really believed your employees couldn’t handle a certain level of distraction you’d put them in sealed cubicles in a windowless room. Most likely you don’t do that, and you’ve tried to hire people who are able to focus on the task at hand. So, a little TV viewing shouldn’t be an issue.

If you want to put TV service in your office, you need to know that it’s a little different from putting a cable or satellite box in your home. There are commercial-only packages, and you need to know where the TV is going to be since there’s a difference between a package designed for where the public will see it (like waiting rooms) and one where only employees will see it (like a lunchroom.) Public packages tend to be more expensive, because you have to pay royalties to the companies who produce the programs. The royalties are small for a small waiting room at a tire shop but they can pile up if your sports bar seats 250 people. You don’t have to worry about that at all if you’re looking at a system for the lunchroom or warehouse.

When it’s time to bring that TV into the office — and you know you want it — call the experts at Signal Connect at 888-233-7563 and get a quote for the best TV package out there. DIRECTV has all the channels you want, all the news and sports you crave, and it’s more affordable for commercial customers than you would expect. It’s more reliable than cable and has better picture quality, too! So don’t worry about your workers becoming “TV zombies,” that isn’t going to happen. Get some quality television in the office today!

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