DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket Pricing announced for next fall

Well, you knew there would be a price increase. DIRECTV has rolled out its new Sunday Ticket pricing for this coming fall and it’s actually pretty good. We’re looking at price increases of 1.5-2.5% and that’s very manageable considering that the amount of content keeps going up and you get an awful lot of value there.

According to, you’re looking at paying $257.94 for the base Sunday Ticket package, up only about six bucks from 2015. The Max package, which adds streaming, Red Zone channel and Fantasy channel, is $359.94, also about a six dollar increase.

Sure it would be great to see prices stay where they were but that’s just not going to happen with today’s programming environment. The fact that the increase is so small is probably due to the increase in subscribers that DIRECTV is getting from the sale of its streaming packages, and the feeling that there will be even more revenue to come when NFL Sunday Ticket reaches AT&T’s cable-based TV customers. (The feeling today is that most AT&T U-Verse installations would not be able to handle the extra capacity or interactive features.)

If you’re not a sports fan, that all sounds like a lot of money. I totally get that. However, if you are a sports fan and you’ve invested a lot in a home theater or man-cave, this is not a lot to pay when you realize you get every game, every Sunday. The Max package means never having to worry about missing a game even when you can’t figure out how to stay home. (Yes, folks, sometimes you have to leave the house on a Sunday. It’s unavoidable.)

NFL Sunday Ticket is available only to DIRECTV customers. If you are unable to get satellite TV in your area and you can prove it, a streaming package may be available to you by contacting DIRECTV or going to NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV. If you’re not a DIRECTV customer yet, you’ll get NFL Sunday Ticket FREE for the first year (plus a whole lot of other cool free stuff. To find out more, check out Solid Signal’s DIRECTV signup page where you can learn about all the packages that DIRECTV offers, see the great prices, and get the info you’ll need to sign up!

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