Get in on the NHL Center Ice Preview on DIRECTV

Slapshot. Get all the action — every NHL game — with a free preview of DIRECTV’s NHL Center Ice Package. Believe it or not you can get all the action for free all the way through October 8. That’s up to 40 games a week subject to the ever-popular blackout rules. If you’re a hockey fan, that’s heaven. Remember, most hockey games are not available at all on broadcast TV and this is the only way you’ll see out-of-market games. If you’re a hockey fan sunning yourself in the south for the winter, you’ll definitely want this package!

The Center Ice Package

With Center Ice, you’ll get as much hockey as you can watch. Watch on your TV or take the action with you using DIRECTV’s app for smartphones or tablets. You’ll never be that far away from the best hockey action.

You’ll get every game, with most games showing both a “home” and “away” feed so you can choose the announcers you want to hear. Not only that you’ll get NHL Network for free during the season, regardless of which programming package you have.

NHL Center Ice on DIRECTV

You’ll find Center Ice on channels 769-787.  If there’s a game on while you’re reading this, you’ll see all the information in the guide.

The best way to get NHL Center Ice

If you’re interested in NHL Center Ice, order it now at and you’ll get special pricing. If you’re not convinced, you have plenty of time to try the free preview while the season is getting started!

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