DIRECTV Protection Plan gets even better

DIRECTV’s Protection Plan is a great deal for those folks who don’t do their own upgrades. We’ve got a lot of DIYers here but there are also a lot of folks who want a simple, worry free system with peace-of-mind. That’s where the protection plan comes in.

The Protection Plan has been $5.99 per month for a long time, and it’s true, the price is going up. However, for the extra $2 a month, you get a lot more:

  • Broken receivers are replaced for any reason. In the past you had to prove that damage was part of normal wear and tear. Now, damage due to accidents is covered. In other words, if your child pours a drink into your receiver.
  • With any receiver, you are eligible for a free upgrade to the latest equipment every two years. This will incur a new two-year commitment, but it’s the cheapest way to upgrade.

Not only that, DIRECTV now has the Premier Protection plan that will cover any device that can play DIRECTV content, like your computer, smartphone or tablet, whether or not that equipment was being used for DIRECTV content when it broke. That plan is $19.99 per month.

It’s definitely worth giving a look at the Protection Plan!

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Stuart Sweet
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