Hands on with the HD-BLADE, part 5: Behind a picture

Oh that poor antenna. I keep finding odd things to do with it. I thought, if I had a flat antenna, what would I do with it? Why, I’d put it behind a picture! And, it just so happens that I have a few pictures that are just the right size to hide the antenna.

Using a little painter’s tape, I secured the HD-BLADE behind a piece of artwork. I know there are several layers of glass and cardboard between the front and back of that frame, so it seemed like it might be a challenge. There are also some metallic inks in the artwork that are sure to hurt reception… or so I thought.

Not bad… 65 channels! It still doesn’t beat the Cat/Tenna, but it seems to do pretty well! I was actually expecting a lot poorer results. All in all, this is one impressive little antenna.

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