DIRECTV releases 4K sports schedule

It’s going to be a busy few months for baseball fans. DIRECTV’s really going to town with 4K broadcasts of major league action, and they’ve released their schedule for the rest of the summer.

All games are on DIRECTV channel 104 unless noted below.

7/25 – Rockies @ Cardinals, 8pm ET
7/29 – Giants @ Dodgers, 4pm ET
8/1 – Indians @ Red Sox, 7pm ET
8/4 – Yankees @ Indians, 7pm ET
8/11 – Red Sox @ Yankees (Channel 105), 7pm ET
8/18 – Yankees @ Red Sox, 7pm ET
8/24 – Nationals @ Astros, 8pm ET
8/31 – Red Sox @ Yankees, 7pm ET
9/1 – Red Sox @ Yankees, 7pm ET

Obviously DIRECTV has chosen games with national appeal, and it’s somewhat encouraging that one of those games is at Dodger Stadium. Of course, due to local blackout rules, Angelenos may not be able to see the game, but a lot of Dodgers home game action has been missing from DIRECTV this season due to the patently stupid price that Spectrum SportsNet LA charges for Dodgers games.

I enjoy watching these games in 4K not only because of the high quality, but because they are often broadcast without commercials. It’s just an extra added bonus.

There’s still no word on any 4K NFL action, but I have a feeling that people at DIRECTV are working hard to make it happen. I also have a feeling that as soon as information becomes available, they’ll shout it from the rooftops.

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