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You can’t accuse DIRECTV of just sitting around. In the last year as they’ve transitioned to full independence, they’ve started advertising, started focusing and refining channel selection, and put a renewed focus on business. The future looks brighter and brighter for the nation’s largest pay-TV provider, after several years of worrisome losses.

Today’s news

The Streamable reports that as of today, any recording you make on DIRECTV Stream’s Cloud DVR will be retained for nine months. Previously, all recordings were automatically deleted after 90 days. This change rolls out to pretty much everyone today, even those on grandfathered plans. However, you need to be aware that it only applies to new recordings. Those recordings you have now will fade after 90 days, but any new ones will be around for the full nine months.

The hits keep on coming

DIRECTV Stream continues to sit at the top of the heap for customers who want the most out of their live streaming service. While other providers concentrate on low-cost plans, DIRECTV Stream offers plans that give you access to more regional sports networks than any other service as well as all the top channels. DIRECTV Stream also offers more locals in more markets than anyone else.

When you add on Unlimited Cloud DVR recordings that persist for 9 months and unlimited simultaneous devices, you can see how DIRECTV Stream is a great value. It’s also one of the few services to give you a very cable-box-like experience with a dedicated device, a comfortable remote, and channel numbers in the guide.

Beam it or Stream it?

The real question when it comes to DIRECTV is whether you should get satellite or streaming, in other words if you should beam it or stream it. DIRECTV Satellite is a great choice for marine customers, for people in homes where they can drill one or two holes in the wall, and for those who want the ultimate entertainment experience. DIRECTV Stream is perfect for RV users, for folks on the go, and for apartment dwellers who want a no-contract, self-install experience. Prices for both are about the same for what you get in each package, so the choice really is up to you.

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