Disney+ Vs. DC Universe: It’s on at Solid Signal!

Just when I thought we put that ridiculous Disney+ debacle behind us, Stuart Sweet has to go on another tear. This time, he’s insisting that DC Universe is a better streaming service than Disney’s. He mentioned it to me this morning and I was like, “Yeah, whatever dude.” Really, I just wanted to fill my mug of coffee and start my day. Problem is, he wouldn’t let up on it. It was like he needed me to agree with him for some reason.

Me being me, I decided to torture him a bit by arguing with him via instant message. I typed, “Disney+ is far superior to The Batman Network.” That really set him into overdrive! Our back-and-forth over the office message system was too intense NOT to share with you here. If nothing else, you’ll get to see what I have to put up with every day.

SS: “Buckler, you love punishment, don’t you? Or maybe you come to me because you have a real thirst for the truth. Either way, here’s the story. Sure, everyone loves Disney+. But I’m going to tell you a secret: DC Universe is better. No, it may not have Baby Yoda but it has a lot more content. What you need to remember here is that from the dawn of time until about ten years ago, DC ruled the movies. The original Superman: The Movie was arguably the father of all superhero movies, and I’ll take almost any Batman movie over an MCU one.”

JB: Okay, the original Superman was great… when we were kids. By today’s standards, it’s corny. (No offense to Christopher Reeve.) And the new Superman is just dark and gloomy, a far cry from the inspirational Man of Steel from our youth. And as for Batman movies, it would be great if they settled on one actor to portray him and have some semblance of a plot.

Thing is, I don’t even know why we’re arguing superhero movies anyway. Disney+ is A LOT more than Marvel Comics Universe. Like the name implies, it’s Disney’s streaming service. That makes the Magic Kingdom’s content front and center. MCU is merely the cherry atop this awesome sundae. The same can’t be said about DCU.

SS: “That just doesn’t track, you ignorant fool. I don’t care about Dumbo, I don’t care about Mickey Mouse shorts from the 1940s. I care about the overarching mythology of our day and that’s comics. Comics have formed the basis of almost every major movie blockbuster for decades. DC started that ball rolling and they’ve delivered better content for years.”

JB: Yeah, but you’re forgetting Star Wars. It’s only one of the biggest movie franchises in the history of American film. People are signing up for Disney+ just to see The Mandalorian (and Baby Yoda), and they’re getting a ton of other great content too.

SS: “Yeah but… Disney+ really borked it there. Did you know that Star Wars Episode XIII: The Last Jedi isn’t available on Disney+? It won’t be available for another two weeks! Way to go, Disney, so if I want to see that film before I see Episode IX I need to go to Netflix. Tell me again what I need Disney+ for?”

JB: For a wide variety of content, of course. And Disney+ has a great balance between animation and live-action while your precious DCU is way too cartoon heavy.

SS: “Yeah and? The Batman animated movies with Mark Hamill as the Joker are considered some of the best animation in history! Mr. Hamill may just end up being remembered more for that role than he is for Luke Skywalker, and it would be fairly deserved. Time for you to realize that animation isn’t just for kids anymore. And time for you to realize that it was the DC animated films that created the genre.”

JB: Kids? Glad you mentioned them because my kids love all that Disney content.

SS: “Hey if that’s what you want more power to you. But for me, I’d prefer to watch the shows of my youth. Disney+ doesn’t have them. DCU brings me all three seasons of Wonder Woman in HD and the newly remastered Shazam! series from the 1970s. It may have been goofy but it introduced me to the whole idea of live-action superheroes.”

JB: Okay. For the sake of our mutual admiration for Lynda Carter, can’t we just agree to disagree?

SS: “I reserve that option for people with well-thought-out opinions, sorry. You’re so tied up in the idea of Disney+ that you don’t realize how content-poor it really is. DC Universe is a better match for what I want to see, and it will be a better companion to HBO Max when that comes out. Which, let’s not forget that it looks like DIRECTV subscribers with HBO will get HBO Max for free.”

JB: Why do you have to be that way? I offer you a face-saving exit but you lob insults. I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe I was stupid enough to defend you when other people said you were off your rocker for bashing Disney+. I won’t be doing that again. I think they were right. You’re an old man who’s clinging to your past. Whether Disney+ is the future of streaming or not isn’t the point. What’s more important is that the world is moving forward and you’re getting left behind.

SS: “Way to show your true colors there. Go watch your Disney+, it seems like it’s a perfect match for you and your thin reasoning. I’ll be here watching something really worthwhile.”

JB: And that right there is why no one in the office likes you.

So, Streamers…

…Now you know how Stuart and I look at this issue. (Not the same way, obviously.) We’d like to know what you think about the Disney+ vs. DC Universe debate? Let us know in the comments section below. Frankly, it would be a relief to know I’m not the only one who disagrees with Stuart.

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