The easiest mobile satellite system. Period.

Honest. It doesn’t get any easier than this. I’m talking about Winegard’s DISH Playmaker system. This is what I’m talking about:

You put it down.
You connect it to a receiver.
You plug the receiver into AC power.

After a minute or so, you’re watching TV. Pretty much anywhere with a view of the southern sky. Not only that, it’s HD. This system gives you the power to watch DISH’s national HD channels pretty much anywhere in the US. And because it’s DISH, you know you can go month-to-month (with some restrictions) and use it when you want to. Now this is how technology is supposed to work.

The Playmaker is just the latest in a line of mobile satellite systems that manufacturers like King, KVH, and Winegard have been working on for over a decade. This one’s even more sophisticated, with faster electronics and motors that make satellite acquisition easy. It’s designed to be used with DISH’s latest “Wally” HD receiver so if you’ve already moved over to the Hopper system at home or in your RV, you might even already have a receiver that will work there. If not, of course, we can set you up with one from Solid Signal.

Why leave the best in satellite programming at home when you travel, and why worry about aiming a dish manually? Of course this system is going to be a little more expensive because luxury items always are. But that’s not the point, especially if you’re going to use it a lot. This is the season for tailgate parties and if you haven’t thought of it before… don’t worry! Order this dish now and you could be using it in time for the next game!

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Stuart Sweet
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