(MILD) EDITORIAL: Yes, I think digital signage does belong in doctors’ offices

It seems to me that the other day I saw the first case of digital signage being used in a doctor’s office. I had seen it before in my dentist’s office and believe it or not my veterinarian has used digital signage for years. But this was the first time my actual doctor had a little TV with a player going.

Now I should back up and say that with no slight intended to dentists and vets, that I think regular physicians are in a bit of a different position. There are a lot of reasons that one goes to a dentist; they’ve managed to brand themselves as cosmeticians as well as cavity-fillers. Vets, too, while they’re absolutely real doctors with a lot of knowledge, tend to focus more on crafting a feeling of warmth and caring. The doctor, that’s the person you go to when you’re sick. Maybe you occasionally get a checkup for no reason. But where dentists and vets want to charm you with their warmth, most doctors are pretty much all business. Unless you’re specifically a plastic surgeon or something, of course. Those folks do tend to think more like dentists and vets.

So I was in the office and I saw this monitor and I thought, oh my. Is my doctor going to advertise two for one prostate exams? (Ew.) But it turns out there was a lot of useful information on there. It wasn’t just when the offices were open or something arcane about insurance rules, there were a whole bunch of common questions and answers. Do I need to fast before an appointment? Why does the doctor need my weight every fricken time? Why is it so cold in doctor’s offices? (They claim that’s a myth. Yeah right.) I was actually fairly entertained by this little presentation and I’ll tell you that it held my attention better than some stale magazines.

This proves to me that there really is an unlimited market out there for digital signage. This is how we communicate now, and the nice thing is that there are players out there that aren’t too expensive and do an awful lot. You can generate content in PowerPoint or any program that makes JPEG files and it’s really a great way to connect with your customers no matter what business you’re in.

When I finally found my way into the doctor’s office, I complimented her on the digital signage display. What’s funny is that she wasn’t aware of it, since apparently it was the office staff that handles that. I guess doctors don’t know everything…

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