Will DIRECTV Satellite go away and be replaced with DIRECTV Stream?

This question comes around a few times a year, occasionally more. It’s perfectly natural since we do so much more streaming now than we did in the past. You could certainly expect that literally every other form of video entertainment would disappear in the next few years.

Except DIRECTV satellite isn’t going anywhere.

DIRECTV Satellite is still the largest pay-TV provider in the country. Yes it’s true that they aren’t as big as they were, but we’re talking about over 10% of the homes in America have DIRECTV Satellite. That’s a lot of people. They’re not all going to go straight to streaming.

Not only that, DIRECTV is the leading provider of TV services to businesses, government offices, and institutions. Often times this type of customer can’t get fast internet, or fast enough internet. DIRECTV Satellite is their only option, and it’s also the best option.

It’s worth pointing out that DIRECTV has refreshed its entire satellite fleet in the last five years. The original service life of a satellite was thought to be only about a decade, but DIRECTV has managed to keep its fleet alive much, much longer. Eventually satellites do run out of fuel and become useless, but it’s a safe bet that today’s DIRECTV satellites will be working hard throughout the 2020s and possibly beyond.

So what about DIRECTV Stream?

I’ll admit that it hasn’t been smooth for the service now known as DIRECTV Stream. It started its life as DIRECTV NOW with limited channels and minimal DVR service. Over time it morphed into AT&T TV with a new, optional Android TV box. During that time it was marketed as an option for people who liked the cable experience but wanted to go streaming-only. It came as something of a surprise that AT&T didn’t want to keep this service themselves when they spun DIRECTV off as a separate brand, but they didn’t.

In its latest incarnation. DIRECTV Stream is a great competitor for other live streaming services. It offers nearly the same experience and channel selection as DIRECTV Satellite, comparable price points, and advantages DIRECTV Satellite doesn’t have. It lets you use one box for streaming and live video, doesn’t require installation, and offers a cloud DVR.

DIRECTV Stream is shaping up to be a great option for apartment dwellers or anyone who moves around a lot. This sort of person was always at a disadvantage with traditional pay-TV. You had to accept what you could get with no contract, or pay a lot of early termination fees. Now, there’s a better option.

Both services are going to be around for a long time

If I had to bet, I’d say that DIRECTV’s two services will be around for many years to come. There are going to be people who want one, and people who want the other. I suspect that as time goes on they will become more and more similar, eventually reaching the point where you’ll hardly be able to tell them apart. It will just be a matter of, do you want a satellite experience because your streaming experience isn’t that good, or do you want streaming because you can’t cut holes in the walls. Everyone will win.

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