Weather information on your TV… 24/7

Just one more reason to connect your DIRECTV DVR to the internet. If you’re all connected, press the right arrow during live or recorded TV to get a list of available “apps.” There’s your scoreguide and usually some information about specific sporting events, but lookie here… a nice little weather gadget! Highlight it and press {SELECT} and you’ll get a surprisingly detailed forecast. Of course, you’ll need to set it to your area first; it would be nice if it used geolocation through the internet connection but it’s easy to set it up and it stays set up once you do it once. You can even add multiple cities so it’s easy to keep tabs on family and friends.

The weather data comes from The Weather Channel so it’s always accurate, and you can get a lot of information here if you scroll down to “Show more detail.” I mean a LOT of information. This should be enough to keep you busy through the commercials if you’re watching live, no question there.

Give it a try!