Is it worth looking for a brand name?

Yeah, I know that these are from Lost. But they kind of make the point.

Before 1975 or so, most people didn’t know what “generic” meant. All of a sudden, though, there was a feeling that you could “stick it to the man” by getting the same quality goods in a plain white box. After all, it had to be those expensive printing costs that really drove up the cost of your stuff, right? It couldn’t be quality manufacturing or anything.

Generic stuff caught on for some things, not for others. Prescription drugs are often much cheaper for their generic equivalents, but that’s because manufacturing standards really are about the same and most of the cost of “name brand” drugs comes from R&D, not manufacturing.

For some things, “generic” has morphed into “store-brand” or “off brand.” Honestly, we all agree that canned peas are canned peas the world ’round, and that there’s nothing so special about a DVD player any more. In those cases, go ahead and get “Great Value” brand or “Comexx” brand. Some “off brand” goods actually make it big in the market — at one time or another, Sony, Samsung, LG, even Toyota were all considered off brands in this country.

For some things, though, we all agree that name brand really stands for something. Most of us appreciate the build quality of a Samsung or Apple phone or computer, a KitchenAid mixer or a Mercedes-Benz. Sometimes the name brands really pay off.

At Solid Signal, when we put our name on something, we take your commitment to brand names seriously. The antennas, signal meters, and parts that we offer under the Solid Signal and Xtreme Signal brands are the best combination of value and quality for our customers. We know that hobbyists want to have equipment that performs for them but they can’t always afford broadcast quality. That’s why we always consider price when we’re looking at new Solid Signal brand parts. We know it means something in every transaction.

When you offer a value-priced product, you know that you can’t offer everything you want. A Chevrolet isn’t going to have the luxury features of a Lexus. We pay careful attention to what our customers really want, and when compromises have to be made, we try our hardest to make sure the final product doesn’t suffer.

Of course, there are cases when a more expensive product has a feature you need, or you may realize that you need a level of quality and durability that is worth paying for. That’s why we offer products from other manufacturers, side by side with our own Solid Signal brand, and we will gladly recommend a competing product when we think it’s best for you.

Is it worth looking for a brand name? Yes. But… sometimes it’s the brand name at the top of the browser that says more than any single product on the site. Trust It’s worth giving us a look.

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